Tips to Get Your Boat Dock Summer Ready

Summer weather has its own set of prerequisites. Here is a compiled checklist that will help you in getting your boat dock summer ready.

Level Surface: Does the dock float level? Check whether all the floats are in good condition and are floating properly. Is the dock supported as designed?

Decking: Make a thorough inspection of the deck and determine if any deck panels have become loose or cracked. Check that all the screws are tight. If there is any wear or damage or any panels that need replacement, call us for replacements or assistance. If you have natural wood decking, this is a good time for its annual sealant application.

Adjustments: If you are adding any accessories this year, it is advisable to plan your expansions in advance so that you can make the best use of your deck space and utilities.

Hinges: check whether all the hinges are strong and rotating freely. Make sure all components of the hinge are intact, with no cracks or broken welds. Also, ensure that the pins of all hinges are secured and in place. Squeaking or binding may require adjustment, replacement, or lubrication of above-water connections.

Anchoring: If you are using cable anchoring for your dock, check that no cables are frayed, broken, or rusted. Check the condition of any components. Make sure that any clevis pins are secure. Do the spud poles, if used, slide freely in their sleeves? Are the poles straight? Make sure the cables for the poles are loose enough to accommodate water level changes. Are all cable clamps tight, and are all cable stakes solidly anchored?

Handrails: Check if all the rails are tight and secure.

GFCI Connections: If you are making use of electric power on your dock, test your GFCI circuit. Be sure it pops when testing and that there is no stray current on the dock.

Gangways: Make a thorough check of the decking. If applicable, ensure that the wheels are filled with air. Make sure your jack works easily. Inspect the connections to the dock and to the shore.

Accessories: Check and ensure that all accessories are in place and functioning. Clean bumpers, deck lighting

How MDI Can Help: We specialize in the repair and restoration of floating docks. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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