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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Marina Construction Project

Planning, constructing, and installing a marina can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning by the marina, marina construction company, and installation crew for precise execution to ensure success. Whether you’re building a new marina or renovating an existing one, this ultimate Marina Construction Project Guide will provide you with the necessary steps … Read more

Understanding the Impacts of Marina Damage on Boaters

Marinas serve as vital hubs for boating enthusiasts, offering a safe haven for boats, providing essential services, and fostering a community of water-loving individuals. However, when marinas suffer damage, the repercussions extend far beyond the immediate physical repairs. Marina damage can lead to significant financial losses for the marina operators and a diminished boating experience … Read more

How Wave Attenuators Save Freshwater Marina Boat Owners Money

Boating enthusiasts who invest in a freshwater marina often look for ways to protect their boats and improve the longevity of their investment. One critical component that is frequently overlooked is the wave attenuator. Wave attenuators, also known as wave breakers or wave barriers, play a crucial role in safeguarding boats from wave-induced damage. This … Read more

Designing the Perfect Floating Dock: Key Considerations for Customized Solutions

For freshwater marina owners, designing the perfect floating dock is a crucial aspect of ensuring a functional, safe, and attractive waterfront. A well-designed floating dock can accommodate various boating activities, withstand environmental conditions, and enhance the overall user experience. This article will explore the key considerations for customizing a floating dock for freshwater marinas, focusing … Read more

Marine Development Inc. Renovates and Expands Nine Marina

MARINE DEVELOPMENT INC. RENOVATES AND EXPANDSNINE MARINA View video of project here Eufaula, OK. – Marine Development Inc. (MDI), a long-standing industry leader specializing in new marina construction, expansions, restoration and repair, wave attenuators, fuel docks and more, announced today the successful renovation of Nine Marina in Eufaula, Okla. The improvements and planning began in … Read more

Marine Development Inc. Designed, Manufactured, and Installed a New Floating Patio, Fuel Dock and Courtesy Dock with Slips for Clinton Lake Marina

MARINE DEVELOPMENT INC. DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED AND INSTALLED A NEW FLOATIING PATIO, FUEL DOCK AND COURTESY DOCK WITH SLIPS FOR CLINTON LAKE MARINA Patio and Fuel Dock Pergolas Designed by University of Kansas Architecture Department Watch a brief video showcasing the new patio, fuel dock, and courtesy slips of Clinton Lake Marina. Eufaula, OK. – Marine … Read more

Marine Development Inc. Expands Wave Attenuator Product Offering

MARINE DEVELOPMENT INC. EXPANDS WAVE ATTENUATOR PRODUCT OFFERING Standard Duty, Heavy-Duty Max and Heavy-Duty Super Max Structures Are Designed to Protect Marinas and Boater’s Investments Eufaula, OK. – Marine Development Inc. (MDI), a decades-long industry leader specializing in new marina construction, expansions, restoration and repair, wave attenuators, fuel docks and more, announced today it has … Read more

How To Master the Marina Construction Permitting Process

If you’re planning to develop a marina, you’ll need to navigate through various permitting processes before your dream of boat marina ownership can become a reality. The requirements to get a permit may seem overwhelming at first, but by understanding the different levels of permitting and regulations involved, you can streamline the process and bring … Read more

The Latest Trends In Marina Design

The world of marina design is constantly changing, with new trends emerging almost every year. From sustainable features to personalized services, marinas are becoming more than just a place to dock your boat – they’re becoming destinations in their own right. It is a place for family and friends to gather and have fun both … Read more

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