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New Marinas

Decades of experience and a turn-key solution.

Floating boat docks are our specialty and we have decades of experience with all types. We provide design and engineering for your new project or work with your architect or engineers to define goals and meet your design, financial and timing objectives.

We have never missed a deadline we have committed to meet. MDI can provide selected or turn-key services including analysis and recommendations, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repair for new or existing marinas in the contiguous 48 states.

Commercial Marinas – Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Repair

Marine Development engineers, designs, manufactures, installs, and repairs commercial marinas throughout the United States. For over 50 years, the principals have put in place over 60,000 slips nationwide in lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. Having built and operated our own marinas, we understand the challenges and responsibilities of marina owners.

We pride ourselves in the timely and efficient execution of each project because we know that in the marina business, time is money. Our extensive references will support our claim to consistent on-time, on-budget performance.

Often we have been called to fix problems caused by the lack of experience, poor design, or inferior workmanship of other companies. We consider that no job is too large or small for MDI.

Creative solutions to unique requirements and limitations are also our specialty. Let us take a look at your needs and tell you what we can do to make you another satisfied customer.

Get The Marina You Have Been Dreaming Of

See how our 40+ years of freshwater marina experience can help you!