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Marina Expansions

A growing marina, is a good thing. Let us help you do it right.

With historic new boat sales and boaters heading back to the water, marinas have been at full capacity and even on waitlists the last few years.  Marina expansion is on the rise as marinas work to accommodate the influx of new customers wanting a slip at their property.

We have helped many marinas and HOA’s grow and expand their slip count over the years. Marine Development specializes in offering seamless expansions that maintain the design integrity of a marina while offering a lasting investment for marina owners.

What is considered Marina Expansion:

  • Adding on to an additional or existing dock
  • Adding additional dock segments to a harbor 
  • Adding additional boat slips to an existing dock
  • Adding a ship store
  • Adding a fuel dock

MDI Marina Expansions Offer:

  • Timeless design, solid engineering, and guaranteed budget and schedule to make the choice easy
  • Expansions conform as closely as possible to the existing marina, creating a better customer and future customer experience
  • Continuity of design maintained where possible while improving the structure where necessary
  • Relocation of existing sections to better accommodate expansion, if needed
  • Our service and familiarity with all aspects of marina design, construction, and installation offer owners and managers the confidence in knowing it will be done right, and freeing them to run their business

Benefits of Using MDI For Your Next Marina Expansion Project:

  • 40+ years of marina design, engineering and manufacturing experience 
  • Engineered and built to specification
  • In-house fit and finish manufacturing ensuring quality and oversight 
  • Longevity, our products span multiple decades 
  • Continued support if repair or restoration is needed due to storms
  • Communication throughout the project to ensure on time and on budget guarantee 

Learn why customers continue to trust MDI with their marina expansion projects. We’d love the opportunity to learn about your project and give you a quote. Our professionals bring years of experience, and top-notch customer service, to help you get your installation completed on-time and on-budget.

Get The Marina You Have Been Dreaming Of

See how our 40+ years of freshwater marina experience can help you!