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Municipal Pump Stations

Pump solutions for municipalities and fresh water utility districts across the United States.

MDI offers assistance to municipalities and water utility districts for your water pumping project, backed by over 40 years of marine engineering experience. Working with municipality staff or an engineering firm, we provide pump solutions for municipalities and fresh water utility districts across the United States.

Our services include:

  • Project consultation and on-site assessment
  • Engineered stamped drawings to your specifications
  • Permit acquisition and/or compliance
  • Manufacturing and installation of floating components
  • Pump Procurement
  • Platform, bridge, housing, and pump components manufacturing and installation
  • Adjustment/retrofitting for pump needs
  • Repair, refurbishing or restoration of existing pump station installations
  • Specialized pumping platform solutions

The Floating Pump Station Platform

Floating Pump Station Platforms are custom designed and fabricated to match engineering specifications of discharge requirements by the customer.  We can work directly with engineers to design the structure to meet load capacity of equipment that will be installed in the building, environmental conditions, and all other components of the finished pump station.

Marine Development (MDI) works directly with engineering firms whose task is to design, build and install municipal pump stations for their municipal clients. MDI offers turn-key service within the budget. Drawings to provided specifications are included, and MDI will manage the entire project from start to completion.

Custom Municipal Pump Station Solutions

Municipal pump station floating platforms are each custom-designed and built for the size and quantity of pumps and considering the discharge requirements of the customer. Most floating pump platforms are associated with municipal freshwater treatment plants. MDI can also create access bridges, docks and other components required. Our extensive experience enables us to spot potential concerns and make remedial recommendations.

The result is a finished product that functions according to specifications.

Partner with MDI for your next pump station project

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